Baki Dou 132

Chapter anytime now.
Hopefully it's actually a new Dou chapter and not the continuation to Itagaki's autobiographical one-shot. Seems like the magazine will only publish one of them.

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Are you living under a rock? The second chapter of the autobiograph will come this week and Dou continues next week on the 15th.

Guess it's another week for Penis Man appreciators, then.


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The whole first chapter was about him trying not to jerk off so yeah that makes sense.

How can a single old man be so based?

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oh i wasn't paying attention and thought this was baki lmao
i saw that in another thread and just assumed

So... In stead of the newly jumbled story and character developments of Baki we get...
Masturbator man?

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Whoa whoa whoa, what are we looking at?
Gaia can't even beat Memetobe and he's thinking of a rematch with Yujiro?

that's sykorsky

>Draw manlet with bandana and Gaia's slitted eyes
>it's Sykorsky

The dark tunnel has no weaknesses

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So what then, are the convicts returning? Or is it just a random illustration? I'm EOP.


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please do NOT bulli

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How do you even defend against a move like the dark tunnel? Could Yujiro perform the dark tunnel?

it's a new spinoff

The sphincter is strong user.
>Could Yujiro perform the dark tunnel?
Meaningless question, you already know the answer

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sikorsky is my fav so im hyped as fuck