Would cum taste good to ghouls?

Would cum taste good to ghouls?

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I believe so. Why wouldn’t it?

Does cum taste good to anyone?

>Does cum taste good to anyone?
Idk ask your mom how she liked mine last night

Semen is full of vitamins and nutrients.

Neutral in taste

I've been eating my ever since I started jacking off 16 years ago and it really depends on your diet over the past few days.

Yeah, i think it would, wouldn't stop Touka from taking it right into her womb though.

Look mom: A Any Forums shit thread on Any Forums...

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Seriously? Yeah, it would.

Instead we should be asking why some ghouls fuck humans instead.

how the fuck ishida do it?
is it a special brush or a technique?

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Why are there so few NSFW art or doujins of TG girls? Literally some of the hottest designs but fanbase just draws gayshit.

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Yeah, shame.

I want to have sex with Ichika as Kaneki watches.

if whoever you're with isn't a gigantic fucking fatso and eats lots of fruit, ye it tastes sweet

if you've got acid reflux prepare to have an awful experience

It shouldn't be possible.
Kaneki stabbed himself with a knife and it didn't leave a scratch, implying that ghouls have bodies harder than steel so for a human male to fuck a ghoul female he'd need a fucking drill to break her hymen. Inserting your dick would feel like fucking a hole in the wall with lube.

That's why only female humans get pregnant from ghouls. Not the other way around, not naturally at least. The sperm doesn't enter the egg.
Now, if a half ghoul does it with a female ghoul, it can get her pregnant.

Probably a new specie of hominid altogether.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love Kaneki.

It probably doesn't have r-cells in it or whatever those were called, so probably not.

It's not uncommon for ghouls to use tentacles during...you know. love making.