How can something meant to have no emotions be this turbo smug? surely this tips people off?

How can something meant to have no emotions be this turbo smug? surely this tips people off?

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I don't think you know what that means.

i'm going fucking crazy waiting for them to make me a robot waifu bros

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>doesn't recognise when a smug robot dabs on you
Found the early model roboko.

We need to invest on baby robots first before we can have a robot that talks like an adult. Current chat bot is still limited by not being able to follow a conversation as it doesn’t know if we are changing the subject or referencing something said earlier in the conversation. Baby robots can have limited conversation skills so we more or less have the tech for that, still there is the art of making them move and behave so they don’t look uncanny and creepy and we can learn and improve that with baby robots first. Also baby robots would be much weaker since they don’t need enough strength to do the tasks a bigger and heavier robot does so there is less chance of them accidentally harming a human, something that would be an issue with earlier models if made full size from the start. So investing on lonely people and babyfuckers seems like a necessary step towards robot wives.

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Good page

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This site is safe from the robot menace

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that wink is so fucking cute

smile smile

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Can Arisu bot perform lewd acts? Is her lack of robussy why she lashes out constantly.

>We need to invest on baby robots
I would say the word but it would get me banned again, you know what word it is anyways you filthy degenerate

I have to make a comment about this arc:
if that girl was a robot all along, how come she both didn't notice the ghost and was affected by her ghoulish touch, thus "feeling cold"?

Mamoru noticed earlier in the chapter that he feels cold when he passes through the ghost. Also Arisu probably didn't see the ghost, it probably pushed her from behind or something.

Also maybe Arisu's model doesn't have good specs in her eyes. She's weak after all.

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I like robots but I hate her creepy neck.

If my hara is on point I think that means "ku-i". Anyone knows what that means?

Mamoru is the worst character of this otherwise based manga

What, next you're gonna claim you like robots but don't like her hands and arms looking robotic either?

How is her neck creepy?

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Mina jerks you off software