Disney owns the streamings rights to bleach

It's over.....
They're going to ruin anime to.

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>Disney owns the streaming rights to bleach
Why is this a bad thing?

Who cares?

Oh no!

normally i hate disney but im glad theyre protecting us from more bleach

>paying for bleach
Bleach is one of the reason people learned how to torrent in the 2000's. Pirating it will be its greatest homage.

It used to be that Disney spelt quality when anything is under that company nowadays Disney is associated with disasters and soulless products that single handedly kill fanchrises they are literally the ea of most entertainment media.
Disney getting into the anime market would sound pretty bad.

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They own only the streaming rights.

Disney can't do much to fuck up other than from marketing.

This. Disney has done more for anime with this one save than Netflix has done for the past decade. God imagine all those edgy 40 year old manchildren having to scroll past Frozon and Snow White

Oh, you're a Any Forumsnigger. Explains why you don't know what you're talking about.

Disney can only stream it they can only screw it up if they are doing a live action or western adaptation of bleach or any anime for that matter.


I don't give a fuck, it won't change anything.

Hope they manage to kill Bleach for real

His right except Disney is worse as they keep franchises hostages of either atrocious or mediocre quality till the milk runs dry.

Summertime Render has been excellent so far and being held hostage by Disney ensures the threads are free of the kind of underage ESLs who never learned how to download torrents

>Done more anime
>killed animes from getting either hype or attention
>if given the chance will do far worse western adaptations than even netflix.

leftist tranny niggery.

>Bleach, STR, Tatami, etc.
Someone at Disney have a good taste in anime

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>look mom I said "edgy" on the internet again! xDD

it's not like they are producing it, newfag