Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

New visual out

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Christmas date?

Congratulations, your eyes work.

sakurai got the star wars drip

Do we have a fucking release date for season 2 yet?

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Oyakodon and Shimaidon!

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October 1st

Cute and canon

I hate the reaction cat

Reaction cat managed to be even more unfunny than the 'Uzaki gets drunk lol' that plagued the second half of season 1.


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Dad hype.

They're going all the way to Christmas?
That was a big fuckin deal.

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That's pretty funny. And cute.

Man, so we're gonna get Yanagi teasing Uzaki, Christmas...does Kiri see Sakurai's monster cock before or after that?

>christmas date
RIP Uzaki's virginity, you did your part soldier.

So you don't read the manga, huh buddy?

Mom best girl