User, why are you into older women?

Explain yourself in graphic detail

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Sorry my heart belongs to highschool girls

I'm her age

>misato is younger than you now

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They are usually the best option by comparison and you provided a perfect example.

Read Tsukihime and sweater puppies got me.

That's not an "older woman", this is.

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not my misato.

Honestly I don't think older women in anime get enough love imho


No. They are the worst written characters 95% of the time.

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>not wanting someone already independent
>not wanting someone who has a good salary
>not wanting someone reliable
>not wanting someone who knows what they want and without the BS

I go with the roman logic with this one, a woman who has proven to be fertile and survived giving birth is a good bet to continue your bloodline

Alkaid may have been around for almost a millennium, but she has been awake for less than a year during that period when everything is added up. She's a womanchild.

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>user, why are you into older women?
Misato is nine years younger than me.

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This official NGE manga explains clearly.

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Not a bad mindset

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>Explain yourself in graphic detail
I don't want a partner who couldn't take care of themselves. Historically many men decide their prefer women to be borderline crippled and physically disabled just because they are scared that the the woman could leave them otherwise. I don't see the point.

Adult women take care of themselves and wouldn't get themselves killed if you leave them alone for a few days. Young girls are just too stupid.

I'm not. Middle school is my upper limit.

>Middle school is my upper limit.

It is a solid mindset until Livia happens…
Man i hate her and Tiberius with a passion

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I'm 32

I knew Sadamoto was horny from what I've seen in the anime series, but holy shit.

they are always more endowed and less bitchy

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I'm a old fuck myself. What would I even have to talk about with younger girls? I'm already outside mainstream culture, let alone mainstream culture of the generation after me.

>Inb4 who cares about talking
If I just wanted sex, I would go to a whore.

what can i say, t's the truth.

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I’m not saying that young people are stupid, or uninteresting, but someone older has the advantage of time, reading enough can make a person that much more interesting. No matter how horny you are I would put fucking at around 1 hour a day tops, what would you do during the 4 hours that remain of your day if they can’t hold a conversation?

I read that paper. It doesn't have that statistic.