One Piece

Blackbeard is supposedly making an appearance this chapter
still nothing about Weevil
and most importantly, Carrot is back to Zou without any farwell

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I want Zoro to sit on my face

title: "************"
- Paladins can be seen in silhouette in the Sabo flashback scene, they have the power to protect Im and annihilate the Celestial Dragons if necessary.
- Vivi is not with Sabo, but Bonnie
- Moving on to Boa Hancock, flashbacks show that Kohi and Helmepo helped Kuja escape from the Blackbeard Pirates. They used what the "special scientific group" gave them.
- Jumping to Blackbeard, we see him turned to stone. He is the only crew member turned to stone by her beauty. he has a stupid face


Weevil is the final nakama and i hate it

fuck fake spoilers, post your best fake editor's message

Buy tickets to my daughter's movie.

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Post Cute and Canon

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Blackbeard's idiotic face will be his new wanted poster

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Ohnonono Blackbeardbros???

Stop posting your fake fanfic shit. You dumbfuck faggot.

He will save Hancock from the marine and she will be forced to marry him in order to get Amazon Lily safe under his protection.

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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Robin Sex!

Kneel, Akainukeks.

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Hint from Redon

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>he has a stupid face

This feels like editorializing more than an update, frankly!

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Yo mon, less go home to Jamaica

Transition: sphinx (weevil tags along)
Actual arc: elbaf + kurohige's island (weevil joins)

Transition: lodestar
Actual arc: laugh tale + marie jois


canon uta is a failed singer who has to hang out on celestials yachts to fund her next album

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Spoilers when

Ace and shirohige's graves?

Imsama paladin knights?

Do you really think someone would do that? Just publish their own opinions as facts?

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The knights of God

Fake shit


Fake? Redon just proved it real:

Time for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

So why did the Marines send a Captain to capture a Shichibukai?
>2 Yonkos allying
>Marijoa invaded by the Revolutionaries
>Disbandment of the Shichibukai
And Kizaru was involved in neither?

Swedish crusaders!

Shut the fuck up

>it’s real

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Hammock is a girl so they sent their girliest marine

The lines on her sweater emphasizing the curve of her bust has to be the best design choice Oda ever made

Gonna spam your shit leak while calling it "confirmed by etenboby", you discord tranny?