Is this show really as good as everyone keeps saying it is?

Is this show really as good as everyone keeps saying it is?

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You could always watch it and find out.

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I came here to post this.

yes. as a story not much else in anime/manga even comes close. it stands at the pinnacle of the medium and everything else looks lesser by comparison

No, it's pretty mediocre. The battles are worse than your average shonen fight.

Yes it's pretty good, just stay away from the legion of brainlets who believe it's somehow an intellectual milestone.

It's the best serialized series ever made. Best anime, better than The Wire or The Sopranos or whatever western Tv nerds will tell you is best.

Yes but don't interact with the fanbase unless you want to develop a brain tumor

Seems interesting but its boring as sin so I guess I'll never know


I'm a sucker for historical documentaries and here you get 112 episodes of just that. I liked it.

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idk looks kinda gay to me so not watching

How much does she earn as the Kaisar's private secretary? Did she get a raise when she became Empress?

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It's really good. I only wish there was more.

No it isn't but it's a solid 8 or so.

It's the greatest television show ever made. If you have an interest in history & politics, chances are you'll love it.

I find that hilarious that pretty much everyone forgot the new series and everytime a LOGH discussion appear it's about the old series instead

Its top 10 on MAL for a reason. go ahead and watch it

You're not watching it for the war drama or the space armada fights, you watch it because the cast is made up of fun goobers.

It's ok. The type of baby's first media for children in that point of their lives when they go from watching media for toddlers to media for teenagers. Someone who owns an iphone like you would consider it a masterpiece probably.

new season is coming out next month actually