Fixing yashahime

I feel like yashahime failed because it wasnt faithful to its original formula. A balanced group of 4 principal characters (2 males and 2 females). Instead they made a bet and made all 3 protagonist's females.

Do you how how it would have been a success? 1 boy (Inuyasha son) and 2 girls (sess daughters) and another Sesshomaru male son to act like a rival/best friend.

Then should have went full Alabama and made Inuyasha's son get with their female cousins and make sess male son with Koga's daughter.

Here. I fixed yashahime.

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No the problem was they thought Sesshomaru was popular enough that his daughters would carry a show on that name alone.

Bring back Kagura.
Don't let sesshomaru have kids with a human, but he still travels with rin and jaken.
Don't seal away inuyasha and kagome. Moroha can still be there.
Give Miroku and sango more screen time.
Have a villain group with a cool design.

>Don't let sesshomaru have kids with a human
Impossible, it wasn't an ass pull. Even the Japanese voice actors shilled sessrin. Rumiko herself invested in that relationship. It was going to happen.

Never said it was an asspull and that is wasn't going to happen. It just shouldn't have. Sesshomaru should have never loved a human.

Yashahime was bad because the writing was terrible in every aspect. Three girls trio could've easily worked but they couldn't even balance that and they made Moroha a third wheel.

His relationship with Rin was fundamental for his character development.

>Three girls trio could've easily worked
Nobody wants to see a trio of MC females.

Is it gay to fuck 3 tomboys at once?

Yes it was that doesn't mean it should have to lead to a romantic relationship.

It was feudal Japan. Not modern muttland

1. It didn't fail
2. It doesn't need a fix and your ideas sound terrible.

It wasn't bad.

I do.


Don't know what that has to do with this?

Give Towa the OG TopDog Demon transformation.
When she never transfrned, that was underwhelming

How about we fix your terrible takes first?

Moroha was the best of the three and probably should have been the mc considering that they wasted Towa's and Setsuna's development. They could have done a reverse Dante/Vergil scheme with the twins, with Towa chasing after her demonic heritage to try and overcome her shortcoming due to her brashness via brute force. Setsuna embraces her human heritage due to her disgust with demons and her upbringing with the demon hunters. Keep Inuyasha and Kagome around to raise Moroha and act as the balancing force between the twins. At the end of the series, the twins come to terms with each other and their heritage. Also, Towa ditches her fucking uniform to wear something feudal

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Complete bullshit take

All that needed to be done was for Moroha and Setsuna to take the leading roles, taking the manga plot of them growing up together and making it as two orphaned cousins figuring out the world and finding the lost third also they both fall in love with each other

Moroha needed dog ears under the ribbons too, real missed opportunity there

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Fucking and marrying kids wasn't that common back then, that kind of shit mostly happened in very upper class families.

Rin groomed and fucked her dog, and got two pups out of it
That's all there was to it

Based and beastialitypilled.

By not making it as The Sesshomaru Show