Lycoris Recoil

Chisato's genki is just a facade right? She knows deep inside that she's fucked and is just trying to be happy so that she won't worry her family and friends?

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Majima will save and impregnate Chisato

Don't come to DA tomorrow

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Can anyone translate the name of the chapters of Ordinary's Life, please?

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The facade will be broken when Takina confessed her romantic love for Chisato in the final tower scene.

>Mika was already crying out for his sinful, while Chisato, the most affected person, still had a chilling face and accepted his pardon.
Madoka now has a rival.

tfw chisato does whatever she wants without a care in the world and she will not let majima die just because she likes being with him.

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Takina is the key to unlocking her sorrowful heart.

It already cracked this episode with Mika
It'll crack further with Shinji and Takina will break it

Mika gave Chisato the life she wanted. Was that wrong?

Neat art.

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>*Takina aiming her gun at Majima*
>Chisato: Stop it, Takina. I don't want you to become like him.
>Takin[a: Chisato, but he...
*Majima put his last breath before setting the bomb*
>Majima: Let's finish your job, Chisato.
>Takina: CHISATO
>ED comes

Introduction 1
Chapter 1 - Sweets for a closed off life (The dreaded chapter)
Introduction 2
Chapter 2 - Gun Action and Coffee and Chisato's red "that" (red panties episode?)
Introduction 3
Chapter 3 - Takina's cooking
Introduction 4
Chapter 4 - LycoReco of the Dead
Introduction 5
Chapter 5 - May I take your order?

Chisato should have a reverse blade sword
Takina would be the psycho butcher for Chisato's sake

>Chapter 3 - Takina's cooking
This will be about Takina cooking for her wife Chisato.

Cute and canon.

Majima will never score.

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Tsundere Chisato a cute.

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He called Robota by name and referred to him as "my hacker", endgame is obvious now.

The wrong is Shinji decided to backstab Mika back while didn't believe in Chisato's cherishing.

Majima will get away and Chiasto and Takina will get together at the end. There will be a sequel about Majima coming back with a gay lover because balance must maintained.

What is Shinji planning?

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Majima loves to surround himself with men. Also he has a huge crush on Robota.

DA obviously has some kind of deal with Shinji that requires Chisato to kill Majima for them to give her a new heart.

Dreaded chapter?

>Chapter 3 - Takina's cooking
So the parfait?

NTA but thanks.

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Yurifags fears and envies MajimaCHAD this much.

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Tick tock, Majimaniggers.

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Was getting caught part of his plan?

It's Roberta now you bigots

Of course!

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I would lose my shit if Robota is actually a lolibaba like Walnut.

No but he'll tell his superiors it totally was when it results in Chisato finally killing a man.