Asobi Asobase

>one piece and boruto this
>boku no hero and csm that
>gets filtered by the visuals

How did /a become like this?

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>The prime example of the daily /a user

Spicy... as in chillies or spices? or some weird chemical spiciness

Its one of my favorite mangas to follow
You just cant talk about it thanks to 242225112
One can only wonder what rouses such hate in people.

Go sleep grandpa, new kids are taking over.

What a great fucking ending

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Have they talked about making a second season at all? I really want to see the new girls animated and i'm desperate for another anime ED that goes as hard as inkya impulse

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If I wanted ugly and unfunny, I'd go to Any Forums.

This series might as well goes to the "series Any Forums never talks about". It's sad as i like it.

recent chapters are pretty boring

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It really changed how the series see itself when the newspaper club pres turned from retard to pseudo big sister.

Manga bros,what the hell happened?

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Just a body or two

There hasn't been an update on comikey since July 21st. What happened?

Does the manga include scene where they're filming the interogation and they pull a baby doll up Olivia's ass?

We at /boruto/ don't read Boruto. Ikemoto is a disease that should be tarred and feathered.
We watch the anime instead

No one asked, faggot.

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Can't believe the author looks like this... ugh! I was hoping he would be a cute girl like Asobi Asobase (the main girl), but instead he looks like he might have some age acting troubles.

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This is still one of the few pieces of media to ever make and cry laughing.