What went wrong for Lycoris Recoil?

What went wrong for Lycoris Recoil?

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Fuck off with your normalfag polls.

It sucks.

It's doing fine. It's still in the top 10s.

Rent-A-Bitch ISN'T.

NUPS (No-Upskirt-Panty-Shot) ISN'T EITHER.

>normalfags hate MiA season 2

fucking how

What show is that?

Having gay dads isn't woke enough. We need trans characters in anime.

This but unironically

What's up with tubular tits? Is it good?

Not watching it myself but probably because of engage kiss leading into an exciting conclusion and the absolute gigachad crystal breaking in vermeil, I assume something very interesting happened in yazuka babysitter as well. not so much falling as being pushed down by series rising

yeah I think the Mika/Shinji hotel bed scene made themSEAfags furious

It's lofi beats the anime.

What's tubular tits?

Call of the Night.

why the fuck do we not do weekly seasonal Any Forums polls instead of posting this normalfag shit?

Only thing that catches my attention here is Shadows House, like, how? I mean, how? I mean, HOW? I mean, seriously, HOW?

>My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex
Do the Japanese not have a word for "stepsister"? Why is this title so clunky?

The geh. That's for episode 8, I think, judging from the picture.

*episode 9, sorry

ehhh but it's their "yuri"-est episode thus far. it must've been the massive deathflag for the MC
and the begining of the separation arc w/c is the latest ep that discouraged them to keep watching

Not enough rape

Isekai Meikyuu can't even reach top15

They do, but there's probably a reason it was written like that. Maybe it's because their words for "stepsister" have the younger/elder part specified in them, which is relevant in the first part of the plot where they fight over which one is the "elder". Or maybe the author felt it was more important to specify which parent it was for some reason.

Maybe. I recall a few people feeling that that they got tricked into watching a sad anime ala Jun Maeda. Like, you have a genki girl, funny show at first then in the end they'd hit you with a sad ending or something. Some people are really traumatized by that.