Why is she so perfect bros?

Why is she so perfect bros?

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MY wife.

Nice to meet you and your wife.
Let me introduce myself, I'm user and this is my wife
It seems like we have similar preference ;)

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Comfy romance ruined by an unnecessary third party. Why does this always happen

romance is already ruined by virtue of being romance

She was the best character in that manga. By far

Shame the author never does anything else with her.
Oh right, isn't NtK supposedly going to start getting released in the west this year through Fakku?

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to begin with,she is not 3DPD

Yes she was.
Doesn't change the fact that by virtue of being a third wheel she did nothing but hamper progression and distract from the main couple.

designated losers always are

Cute little tanline tomboy

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Was she written out the story after her arc?

Still still around, but she's not a major part of the story anymore. He mostly focuses on the two MCs anymore. She needs her own side story if you ask me. Do lewd things with her teammate.

She's third wheel so pretty in the way all things considered.

Fuck that bitch.

No, she's a regular cast member, even got a few more scenes to herself, and one or two with Nana, like the time they experimented with Petplay.

I usually dislike this sort of character, but this particular one had the advantage of being an absolute sex bomb.
She can hamper my progression any time.

Cute bdsm hobby with a tomboy friend > serious bdsm relationship with a girlfriend.

>Why is she so perfect
>hair over one eye
>just a bit of a switch
>likes to dress cute
I like Nana, but Kaoru is just better.

But I want both.