High School DxD

I don't understand why it's so popular. MC is an insufferable pervert, the ecchi is there only for the sake of it, and everything else are just typical dumb cliches. What makes it so special?

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It's not special, and there are no pretensions. People have fun watching it, which is all that matters.

>People have fun watching it
Which is what I want to figure out. Exactly what is there in DxD that is fun to watch? MC being a perverted retard? Tits? Plot of all things?

The girls and the fights.

is the manga supposed to be any good? because I only made it halfway through the first volume before losing interest

It's fucking ecchi show, dumbass. Not hard to figure out.

>I don't understand why it's so popular

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the poledance ending is the reason for season1 to sucess (imo)

People often speak highly of the plot, I don't think its especially remarkable personally - I watch it for the tits, and by that standard, its virtually unmatched.

>MC is actually straight
>ecchi is there "for the sake of it"
Who the fuck cares? Kill yourself, retarded faggot.


if you look at this timeline you can see that there had already been animes with better titties than dxd even when it came out. people praising the plot are shonenshitters.

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>Manga adaptation of a light novel.

There has even been harem anime with better plots than this one.

The artstyle before the change made most of the girls GOATED. Nobody actually cares about MCs in harems do they? Its all about the girls.

It's nothing special nor does it pretend to be anything special. It is what it is, a decent ecchi series, which we are getting less and less of lately.

We've have far better ecchi series yet this one still manages to cling on

why are you a fucking faggot? heres some things that make it fun: the mc is an opportunity-taking pervert, the ecchi is abound and exists for its own sake, its full of fun cliches. its not special

It's never shy about pandering to everyone, including fujos. The sheer amount of bishie in the series makes other ecchi harem pales in comparison.

>the mc is an opportunity-taking pervert
He's not though. He says he is, he brags he is, but he's not. He goes on about being a "Harem king" but as soon as the tits are out he's BUH BUH BUH BUH. One of his Harem girls exists only for the sake of having him knock her up and still nothing happens. He's just as bad as every other bland harem lead who never seals the deal but he calls constant attention to how much a boob lover he is. People have said the show makes no pretensions but it absolutely does. It pretends like it and it's hero aren't the same but they very much are.

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whatever, opportunity-taking was an arbitrary word choice on my part. errata: the mc is a relatable(?) pervert. the mc being a massive pervert is my biggest problem with the show as well though. as for the ecchi being for its own sake, and the show being full of cliches, these things are good, actually.