What the fuck were they thinking?

What the fuck were they thinking?

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>Surely sharing WMDs with everyone will prevent future wars!
The 1st Hokage was an idiot, and the 2nd Hokage was also an idiot for going along with it.

Kill yourself, narutard.

I agree. The first hokage should've kill them all or banish them to the moon.

Out of curiosity, was it ever really explained what exactly all those ninja wars were fought over? Over in the real world, nations don't go to war for no reason. Did ninja villages want to conquer each other? Were they fighting over resources? Was it a religous thing?
The only war I remember getting a justification was the Kazekage being mad that the Wind Daimyo was hiring Hidden Leaf village ninjas instead of Sand ninjas. But wouldn't it have made more sense to simply launch a coup to depose the Sand daimyo and install a puppet who would never make deals with foreigners instead?

a lot of the material made it seem like most of the ninja wars were fought over acquiring more and more wmds, and that usually meant kidnapping a clan member (lead to war), head of development (led to war), bribing someone (if caught led to war) etc. Overall, ninja's are just not trustworthy in naruto I think

Frankly, I'm not sure why the Daimyo even exist other than because Japanese history. In a world where there's tons of people with superpowers, why would anyone obey and show deference to a muggle?

The most coherent explanation for Naruto's setting is that ninja are retarded

>why do presidents exist? why doesn't the military just take over?

There are plenty of countries in the real world where the military did indeed take over if they didn't like what the president was doing. It's why every dictator needs the support of the military to maintain power.

>ninja's are just not trustworthy
I know its a shonen manga but this line just got me.

It's a holdover from back when Kishi was actually treating them like ninja instead of wizards.

and there are plenty where it doesn't happen

Probably wanting jutsus, secrets, resources, and money.

I mean before there were villages it was just a bunch of clans murdering each other for money and power.

Yes, and those are the countries where the president makes sure to keep the military happy or where the military is too weak to pull it off.

Think of it like a country having a person be the president, and someone else be the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces

That means that the Daimyo had something more powerful than wizard aliens to dissuade the ninja's from rising up

Not really. Most people don't want a civil war.

Except for Uchiggers, of course.

Hey be nice to the uchihas they can't help it

Remember when Kakashi didn’t want to cross Gato, not because he was a ninja god or had the personal loyalty of one, but because costing the Leaf a potential client of that resource profile was bad for business to the point of high treason?

2008 Any Forums old fag here browsing on a lark. Can't believe they allow Naruto threads here now. And 4 of them at the same time no less. Back in my day you would have been sage spammed into infinity with copypastas and gore until the thread got nuked.

Times really change huh.

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Kakashi was always scum

A bunch of grown up child soldiers trying to run a country would never work.

>one person is the same as a bunch of people
one person has absolute loyalty to himself, he cannot be split with half of him fighting against him, an army can. there will be loyalists in the army that will fight for the president and even if the coup succeeds they risk others in the army couping their coup.

you can't fucking coup yourself.

naruto world is fucking trash and has no grounding in reality.
industry, manufacturing, natural resources (sans magical wmds), technological progress, agriculture, population size, migration etc etc has absolutely no bearing on the story.
its a series that is ultimately disinterested in exploring its own world, focusing instead on tepid drama to sell the narrative.
as a result, most characters feel like fucking retards at best, and malicious peons killing for flimsy reasons at worst.

the first arc is beloved precisely because it has the most grounding in reality. there is some semblance of economy and different power struggles giving weight to the world. ninjas were hired for specific services, there was a bigger world outside of the ninja village, things like criminal syndicates, engineers building bridges, the impetus of trade and control, hierarchies of power etc.
but of course, that was all dropped in favor of endless petty ninja wars without much impact on the wider world.