What are good examples of dialogue?

Post either LN/Manga/VN/Anime, or even better, excerpts from them.
I like how Watari writes dialogue. Love his works or not, he definitely leads the medium in great, snappy, yet meaningful dialogue that actually has subtext between the characters.

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Classroom of the Elite is pretty good for an LN series

Jesus fucking Christ, get some standards.

Then give better standards

I've wanked a lot to Yukinon

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Westerners don't read, not even those here on Any Forums do, as slow as it is you're better off trying your luck in the /jp/ LN general.

I'm not sure whether or not this qualifies as "good" but I did have a chuckle when I read how in the world of Strike the Blood, the Confederates won the American Civil War.

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The resulting Confederate States of America controlled real-life America whereas the Unions had to retreat into Canada. The CSA was also a pure-human society that hated demons and non-humans.

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Aldegia is also not-Finland.

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>Judging quality of dialogues by english translation
You can't be serious

don't expect anything more from EOP westoids

I'm afraid of reading yahari in Japanese. The English volumes come with pages and pages explaining all the dumb weeb references that 8man makes, I probably wouldn't get even like 1/4 of them.

genderbent hachiman will stay at home and care for your kids

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>The English volumes come with pages and pages explaining all the dumb weeb references that 8man makes
half those explanations are wrong and/or outright making shit up

One Piece
For westernshit I always go back to Aladdin as a good example of perfect writing. Good dialogue is any dialogue that feels completely in-character and that character has an entertaining personality. It doesn't matter what you say, this is why Trump impressions are funny.
Watari has to constantly make jokes because at the core Hachiman and Yukino are shallow characters with flimsy personalities. Hachiman's entire personality is cynicism and Yukino is being a tsundere bitch. Too much on the story rides on the girls being supernaturally fuckable.

The “It bothers me” speech from Toaru NT9 is peak character writing. NT9 in general is great. While the series has some extremely trashy elements, sometimes a volume just strikes gold.