Why do anime girls sit like that?

Why do anime girls sit like that?

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Maybe their butt hurts

so I can smell their sweat on the floor

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Just tried sitting like that, it was ver uncomfortable

I sit like that.


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It looks incredibly cute and weak of them

a lack of penis

Are you a cute girl?

Because in Japan it's called girl sitting.

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Is this even physically possible? I just tried it and it feels like my legs are going to explode at every joint.

This, it's one of their more stupid cultural tropes, like how having pigeon toes is supposed to make girls look weaker and cuter so some dumb teenagers will stand like retards thinking it makes them cuter. It's an artist's cliche, basically.

It does make them cuter, stop insulting retarded zoomettes.

Retard with no taste

>stop insulting retarded zoomettes.
Acting retarded should not be encouraged or accepted.

I have been conditioned to expect to see a puddle of piss under a girl in that position

the japanese are once again very crafty and smart

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I have a disturbing lack of anime girls sitting like that saved

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