What do you like the most about foxes?

What do you like the most about foxes?

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not anime
go back to your furryshit general in /jp/

Their big, fluffy tails

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Fluffy tail to fluff every day.

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fluffy and puffy


Kill yourself subhuman.

They can teach you the secrets of internal alchemy. If they don't drain you of your yang energy and leave you for dead.
They also love the smell of agarwood incense and despise sandalwood.
or so I have read

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Foxes are liar and manipulative.
Do not trust them.

not nearly enough fluffy animu out there

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They are top tier wife material.

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That they're retarded.

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Nice numerals of truth, I liked dog days it was dumb but also fun

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Fox pussy just hits different, man.

Just be a Chad.

Enough loli foxes.
Give me a developed fox girl with a lot of fur between her legs.

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Foxes are cunning creatures. If yours is retarded then she is a rarity, treasure her.

That's the cutest part

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I like that they are closely related to Dog girls which is the best animal girls to have around.

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Just dick into submission. Then they become loving wives and not evil anymore.

>Foxes are cunning creatures
This one isn't

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>Just dick into submission
That is what the fox wants. She wants to drain you of your virility. You have to be strong and deny her.

You need to overwhelm her and give her your virility straight to her womb.