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Are you happy with the new lineup?

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And a new manga next week

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I miss her

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frosty the snowman?

No, user.
I can't accept my axebait get axed while selling 10k but hsf live despite only sell 3-5k.

The lack of uniqueness and personality on these covers really shows after Black Clover, shame because some of these are actually better than their covers would make you think

September Shoseki Ranking Changes So Far:
PPPPPP 4: 14 -> 23 -> 42
Undead Unluck 13: 15 -> 35 -> 39
Mission: Yozakura Family 14: 17 -> 20 -> 30
Highschool Family 7: 66 -> 203 -> 445
Sugoi Smartphone 1: 89 -> 229 -> Below 500
Dorondororon 3: 103 -> 255 -> Below 500

Smartphone is pretty much dead. P6 sales may be frontloaded, or it could also be stock issues. Regardless, some interesting movement for the middle of the pack series. Any expectations or hopes for the month?

its coming back aaaaaany day now, aaaaaaaany day

Looks like yozakura is the one with the lowest pecking order now, not counting bride,ginkaku, phones and alines.

Please don't be gagshit, please don't be gagshit, please don't be gagshit.

I hope the top three make Oricon. Will only get 3/7 days though


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I'd be happy to get a battle shonen that doesn't die before hitting 30 chapters. It seem like ever since Kimetsu no Yaiba that SJ can't make one to save their lives. All their current long runners are ending and I'm not using Jump Plus as a equation in this matter.

akanesisters we're closing in on the alienchads

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Currently I'm only reading Sakamoto and Akane (and waiting for Ruri's return). I slowly dropped the other series because they became incredibly disappointing. I only skim through them to see if there's something good.
So, no I'm not happy with the current lineup and I whis WSJ managed to made a decent new battle shonen

Aliens had a pretty good chapter this week honestly

I wanna try doing Any Forums poll


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Koisuru OP

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Volume 37 coming out soon!

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Will sales hit a million for it?

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