Dragon Ball Super

Since FLOPvie and MOEroes were a big FUCKING disaster. Discuss to return of the CHADnime and how will the arcs play out.

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I literally won.

OP here corrected the IESLB,
>Discuss "the" return of the CHADnime and how will the arcs play out.

Oh hey it’s a new thread. Well, might as well get my message across fast. Just wanna let the three(3) discord Toyotaro antis on this board who have been spamming non-stop with zoomer lingo, doxx, and non-stop bait threads about every fucking thing he draws, whichever it is that we all know it's you every time you post.
Yes, we recognize your posting style. No, you trying to change it doesn't matter, because you sound fucking deranged no matter what you type and half the time you literally sound like a rambling homeless person.
No, you don't make people upset. I'm actually worried about your mental health. You've been non-stop posting for weeks. You somehow end up sounding more insane than the underage spics, and that's saying something.
Nobody cares about you. Nobody will ever care about you. We know when you samefag. We know when you post on anything DB related. One or two of you don't even read the manga, you fucking faggots. We do not think you're funny. We do not think your posts are funny. We do not care. Take your medication. Anger and envy are bad emotions and it has literally fried your brain. You're not laughing because you're happy, you're laughing because you have literally cooked your brain. Take your medication.
Here's the attention you desperately desire, I expect a whore like you to salivate over it like a diseased, starved dog. Bow down and beg for more, you slut.

When are we going to learn more about Frieza's Race?

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And I only figuratively lost.

>trying to fit in
When did you join these threads?

You know they're going to retell both the movies and the manga in their own envision along with making some original content. That's basically how the anime originally started, minus the manga bit. Though that's mainly cause it got the jump on it thanks to Senileyama's napkins.

They Won.

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>r*ddit spacing

...a flop.


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Did he just write the same thing again?

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>Nobody cares about you. Nobody will ever care about you
>I'm actually worried about your mental health

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Is he right?

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The arcosians?

...is so beautiful...

.. Avoiding CINEMATIC masterpiece worldwide with record profits, that has yet to be released as such.

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Top ten pictures that aged like shit right there.

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Moe Squad


>if he had the chance
Too bad he doesn’t, with Toriyama being the one writing the manga.

You see, fellow scholars, this walltext is actually falseflagging.
This poster is, in fact, part of the Anti-Toyo Discord and is creating these insane pastas only to make the other side look mentally retarded.

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Toriyama made him change it!

>posts Gohan from the CHADnon CHADnime


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Diaper Squad


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I’m glad these threads are dying. All that’s left now are the same two schizos who’ve spent their life here, and a bunch of social media tourists they’ve welcomed with open arms. Good riddance.

Gohan was way better in the canon manga.

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>Goku and Bejita out of nowhere


Did he just run away?

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>"""""strongest""""" man in the universe
>"""""stronger""""" than god of destruction
>one of the """""strongest""""" in the multiverse
>a moralfag who's only as good as the system and would genocide entire universes if asked by a higher power
>couldn't even protect his own universe
>no real friends
>no hair
>no GF
Yeah. Super Broly > Jiren

Broly even has his own fucking planet.

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>Ties with a Kefla already done beating up half the arena when both tard charged at each other
Unironically being penetrated by SLURPza to take out the irrelevant rabbit was more dignified

>running away like a little sissy baby

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SHITvie flopped.


k, b.

The movie has already made $75 million worldwide and has yet to fully release in france, south korea and many other sea markets

Cute shota cock.
Cute. Shota. Cock.

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SOULvie succeeded.

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Shut the FUCK up, FOAZ.

>self insert Nutardly fantasies.
did not peruse, no better than jobten posters.

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It's coming!
Everyone! Seek shelter in my ass.

>mfw I view Toyo's """art"""

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Kekypoowoo! That SS3 can lick his own belly button.

>Why do you people not like my manga? I will make you all regret this...

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Is this real? It looks like he was decapitated.

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