Spy x Family

New chapter was released. The Peanut seems to be in a pickle. How will plan B or shoujokino be achieved?

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>Axeman asks you a question

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>How will plan B or shoujokino be achieved?
Through intense uncensored handholding

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Yuri is literally me
I'm super hot, and I want to fuck Yor

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This chapter needed more Bond.

She should give up Plan B for now and refocus on Plan A.

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post ass in tights

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What killed the hype?


Disappointed in it but didn't hate it. I think Franky got a smile out of me in it but I wasn't laughing and I didn't feel any tension in the chapter. I was hoping Nightfall and Yuri would meet each other but oh well. I'm looking forward to Anya getting the spotlight again.

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These two, as usual.

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post Becky please

hey, get a guy some dinner first

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do you think he fucked Yuri?

I want Anya to step on my crotch and destroy my balls.

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Fiona/Franky chapters are often the weakest. Axeman needs to expand more on the gags and make Fiona more into an actual character instead of a Twilight obsessed blob. Franky is ok but he could use a solo chapter outside of his usual love quests. War flashbacks or him working with his inventions/clients would be great.


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no, the joke is that Yuri will continue to be oblivious to the fact his boss is hitting on him

3 bolts for you, Damian. Absolutely inelegant behavior!

>eating all the break room donuts and then blaming it on a chubby subordinate
Did all of human morality just vanish in the world of this manga? Why does Twilight even fight so hard to save such a rotten world?

>Plan A
Anya (an orphan with no education) becomes a genius elite of the elite student and enters the top class of the whole damn country.
>Plan B
Anya becomes friends with the enemy and doesn't fuck it up somehow
>Plan C
Mommy (a woman seperated from reality with little education) infiltrates the friend group of the former first lady and somehow doesn't end up ruining everything.

Loid is fucked

>working with his inventions/clients
Speaking of, his chapter finding Kopi with Yor had some decent humor. So I don't think it's him, but he needs someone better to bounce off of.