You can only choose ONE

You can only choose ONE

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Trigun /thread

Vash's coat
Spike's gun
Gene's ship

didnt you read the OP you can only choose one

Outlaw Star is the only genuinely good show there, having way more fanservice than the other 2 also helps

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One of each

outlaw star

Trigun setting. Bebop plots. Outlaw star characters.

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Spike's my boy.

All overrated shit.

>Outlaw Star characters
Except Aisha. Kot bitch was easily the most irritating part of the show.

Outlaw Star was the only one of the three that never got a Latinamerican dub since most of the American companies that sell anime here nowadays refuse to dub "old" anime as they don't see it as profitable despite the fact that LatAm loves older anime (Funimation/Crunchyroll LatAm only ever dub season shit for example and wont even bother to sub their older shows, the only company who dubs older anime nowadays is the Mexican streaming service AnimeOnegai), I'm only saying this because last year was the first time I gave Outlaw Star a watch and I liked it MUCH better than Bebop and especially Trigun, it reminded me of other anime that I used to watch as a kid called Lost Universe (but unlike Lost Universe OS was actually good), it's a good thing that Outlaw Star isn't as popular as Bebop so it won't be getting some awful live action Netflix series anytime soon

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Cowboy Bebop since it's the one without biological sex android memes. And besides both Trigun and Outlaw Star had too much extra shit in their settings.
Trigun had fucking mutant magic plants with a hidden space theme then Outlaw Star had ancient aliens and straight up MAGIC that just made them look silly. Also how can you not mention Blue Gender bro

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The one that had Milly Thompson in it.

none of them are "overrated" you shonen spic

If you mean gun, then Vash
If you mean series, thats tough. For me its between Trigun and Outlaw Star. Cowboy Bebop is great, just no nearly as fun and funny as Trigun and Outlaw Star.

I guess Outlaw Star.
Trigun is just sadder than Outlaw Star.
And in Outlaw Star you might be able to fug a ctarl ctarl.

>She keeps her women tied up in a locker instead of ground up and in the freezer
For shame Aisha.

you fags are breaking the rules and I dont appreciate it

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