Elden ring the road to the erdtree

He just wanted a guts build.

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>That art style

Is this masterpiece manga canceled???

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Read through the first two chapters. Sasuga Cursed Sword guy, he knows how to serve up the laughs. Sure hope he can keep it funny for the entire run.

Wonder if it'll get as far as choosing whether or not to burn the tree via Melina's sacrifice or the Cursed flame. I'd love it if the Tarnished sticks the gold needle at the end, stating that it was all part of the plan right in Melina's face, which he only was able to cook up thanks to her dumping all his points to intelligence.

I like this dude's art but his humour and comedy isn't that great. Understandable why all of his works keep getting cancelled. I wish he'd pair up with a proper writer already.

You don't love her

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I knew that artstyle was familiar

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I thought it just ended. Presumably where he wanted it to end.

Japanese humor is very unfunny, but I'll keep reading this for more Merula

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I really wish From lore or plotlines were adapted into media other than vidya, but I can't imagine them being any good outside of /lit/shit, which is unfortunate considering 21st cent /lit/ isn't very good either. Otherwise, if it's a series we're on about, you'd need a specific kind of director and team to deliver properly

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There is a fan made Elden Ring manga?
Does it have Rya?

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If you've only played the newer stuff, check out the older From Software stuff like King's Field 2-4 and Shadow Tower 1 & 2. A lot of the same people worked on them, the aesthetic is similar, and they are much slower burns than any of the souls stuff. If you like souls for the lore, storytelling, but not the gameplay, you may like them.

There's a 19th century artist who directly inspired a lot of the souls level design and art too, even if Miyazaki won't admit it, I forget his name, but if it comes to me I'll reply.

>fan made
Its official

His Ranni is looking great

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it is most humorous, I dare say

I honestly care only about the gameplay, but I think the stories of DeS onwards could generally make for good adaptations. It's interesting you namedropped those series for worldbuilding + story reasons, too — I only ever hear about the gameplay aspects of both series, so it's cool that there's supplementary shit to look out for once I do play them. Is Deracine any good on that front?

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I didn't have the hardware to check out Deracine. The way King's Field tells its story is a bit different, and you should skip the 1st game, which is pretty easy to do because it never came out in English. King's Field 2 and on have decent mysterious story telling like souls, but you really have to be paying attention to what characters say to figure anything out. It has a lot less lore. One thing you might be interested to know, the map in KF2 interconnects way more than even Dark Souls 1's map. It's a full-on 3D metroidvania at times. You will get lost. I drew a map, the in game one sucks.

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>the map in KF2 interconnects way more than even Dark Souls 1

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my eternal wife is so cute

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Miquella could never be more difficult than Malenia unless From goes full shitpost in the dlc and gives him sleep and/or stunlock mechanics that continuously cc the player

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he will be far worse i promise

Played all the Souls games religiously but I've dropped Elden Ring about 20 hours... Maybe even less. Don't know... Just feels a bit hollow? No pun intended. I don't think open world suits the format. The combat is just more Bloodborne/DS3 keep rollin rollin rollin fare. Also the world itself seems kinda empty and meh.