What's the probability of One Piecegetting a shit ending?

What's the probability of One Piecegetting a shit ending?

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Guaranteed at this point, pretty much. Wano was an arc that Oda was looking forward to draw and look how that ended up being.



Yeah I wonder how he will handle what OP is.
If it ends up being some stupid shit the fandom will split. With dick riders staying with him, and casuals will be pissed.


One Piece became its own meme the moment Oden’s face was a gag.

80% its too deep now, theyre so close to timetravel and spaceshit fighting shenanigans i can feel it, the adventure and freedom theme is gone, i do hope we get another marineford tho

No matter what ending it has, people are going to shit on the ending/one piece's reveal

The series has been running for decades and is as mainstream as you can possibly get
It doesn't matter what the one piece is, there's gonna be years of shitposting about it.

100% anime writers don't know how to write good endings

With how long its going and how hard they're trying to hype it up especially to new readers, its 100% going to be a disappointment.

Because that ending, no matter what it is, is 100% guaranteed to be shit. That's the consequence of 20+ years of blueballing your fanbase.

It's going to get an ending almost as bad as SnK's ending

>What's the probability of One Piecegetting a shit ending?
Rising every year since 2010

Oda thinks his ending will be kino. He also thought Wano would be kino. There you have it.

The real One Piece was the friends we made along the way.

It’s such a long running story, at this point whatever the ending is will upset every person, since every person has had so much time to think up what their “perfect” ending is. I’m just gonna take whatever it is and be done with it. Raging about it on an anonymous image board isn’t going to make it better

Not even shitposting, but honestly at least 70% chance it will be shit. Mangaka have difficulty writing decent endings to their works, and i can already tell oda is gonna rush the ending and not even answer 30% of the questions he has raised.


Mmm.... maybe, One Punch Man stretched Garou's arc too far and the ending felt unsatisfying. In WebC it's much better. One Piece may suffer from the same thing, but since it's the ending I doubt the execs really care. The ones who will suffer the most are the fans.


20% I say