Was a second season really necessary for Panty and Stocking?

Was a second season really necessary for Panty and Stocking?

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poorly drawn feet 4/10

Fuck that's hot

why was panty so much better than stocking despite being a massive slut

I believe in Panty supremacy

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rare panty art that's actually hot

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because you have shit taste

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Because fictional sluts are usually easygoing, fun-loving, affable extroverts who are frank and honest and genuinely enjoy sex.

This is much unlike real life sluts, who are just women who use sex to manipulate and enslave.

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>that poorly drawn feet

People like you are why footfags are universally despised.

I feel like you have it the other way around. In the anime world, once a girl gives up her virginity she becomes emotionally numb with zero standards or reasoning behind her actions, having sex with dogs and random fat old men just because they're so depraved.

Is that what you were up to this weekend?

I'm fine with her feet.

Any art of stocking like this?

but they are right
her feet are ugly looking

Not really, the ending was a joke but that was the idea

If the first thing that you noticed in that picture were the feet then I have bad news for you.

panty will be nopan the entire time

Something funky is going on where her breast meets her arm.

>bad news
Yeah, the bad feet
If you go to the tits, you're a low IQ fish brain
If you go to her belly, you have some taste
But the feet are the intellectual's domain

Footfags are pure cancer. At least you recognise the greatness of an alluring belly.

Wouldn't the second season be called Stocking?

Not any good ones

Maybe not strictly necessary but I'm not against it either