If you were isekaied to an anime whicb one would you choose?

If you were isekaied to an anime whicb one would you choose?

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>be me
>get isekai'd to Full Metal Alchemist
>attempt human transmutation
>give up my gate
>go around pissing off God until he sends me to where I want

Some normal, grounded anime so I can keep living the same kinda life, probably.

Pic related.

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GANTZ, is go time

Probably an Isekai anime.

>be me
>get isekai'd to Dragon Ball
>be treated as an enigma among both humans and earthlings (Pure Progress, Body of Steel, Mimicry, bottomless potential, innate aptitude etc)
>get involved with Capsule Corps and inevitably join Bulma as she hunts for the dragon balls
>Meet with Goku and frequently train as well as pick up various martial arts due having an affinity for it.
>help Goku through his adventures and beat Oolong to the wish in the end
>Make a wish that allows me to perpetually be relevant like knowing everything like Zuno or having no limiter/an ever scaling potential unlock, while still keeping with the themes of DB so it doesn't feel cheap like Gohan's gifts.
> Take Ranfan or Launch for myself (wouldn't mind Bulma but I'm too much of a bro to cuck Yamcha)
>Try to keep the death toll to a minimum if not prevent them if possible.
>Go through training from various masters like Goku (Master Roshi, Korin, Mr. Popo & Kami, etc.) and be the eternal rival that Goku longs for but also remember to take it easy and live life.
>Eventually get Eternal Youth/Semi-Immortality from Roshi or by reviving the immortal phoenix.
>Have several kids with my wife after winning one of the Tenkaichi Budokais.
>Keep in touch with the other humans and learn what I can from them.
>Leisurely follow through the plot of dragon ball, doing whatever possible to assist or help prevent.
>Achieve a Super Form because the plot said so.

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Being a space elf could be nice.

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>Take Kami's offer about being the next Guardian, use him to travel to Other World and learn from various gods.
>Work my way to meeting the Kaioshin and getting an apprenticeship. Followed by pulling out the Z-Sword and training with it till it eventually break.
>Get potential unlocks from all the sources (Namekian Elder, Elder Kai, Ultra Divine Water) and push them to their absolute breaking point. Never settle for anything less. Eventually achieve a Super Awakening like Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo.
>Learn Spirit Control at some point from the Yardrats as well as all their techniques and abilities.
>Acquire God Ki in between or during an appropriate arc.
>Always mixing and honing my various techniques, power ups and even transformations. Such as combining Aura of a God with the Ultimate Form or Max Power with Kaioken.
>Craft or learn an Ultra equivalent from the Kaioshin because the plot says so. But also learn Ultra Instinct and Hakaishin Mode.
>Erase Frieza permanently at any point after learning Hakai to the fullest.
>Run a dojo and spread the news about ki control, spirit control, and various other important stuff so Earth can take care of itself when the saiyans aren't around to save the day.

Gundam Wing.

Kizumonogatari, in Araragi's place.

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Just send me to the Digital World.

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Slime 300 world as Azusa

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Love Hina

As long as I get to be a big tiddy anime girl it doesn't matter which one


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I wanna get isekaied into that floof's floof in the back

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Probably the Aa, Megami-sama universe. Seems like a peaceful and happy place on the whole.

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or Rimuru for the ogre girls, or Yuna for the bear's harem, or Cayna for the chinchin and many cute encounters.

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Much as I love space elves, I don't think I'd want to be one in the middle of a war where every interstellar empire in the galaxy was slugging it out since I'd probably wind up as cannon fodder. Isekai me there after the Abh wins the wars.

If manga counts, picrel

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(You) get it don't you user. But even service life wouldn't be that bad. They treat each other fine and a culture like that is an introvert's dream.

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Give me a synopsis.

not quite but it's very possible that Nekonyaa is based on Maetel in terms of design