Lycoris Recoil

You can't die, Chisato, I'm pregnant!

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the cucq fuki will take responsibility

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SLUTkina will end up with fuki

Chisato makes a single mother out of Takina.

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Erika you are so much better and cuter than Chisato

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Tick tock, Majimaniggers.

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I don't even like Majima but he deserves better than being killed by that shitter.

Takina has been holding back. But now that her girfriend’s life is at risk, she’s gonna go all out now. Jokerfags beware.

There's only one way to deal with jokers and it's between Maki's legs.

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>cucking in the dark

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Can't wait to see Tacuckna biting the dust again

Patlabor 2 for Zoomers.

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I would walnut on her feet, if you know my meaning.

Why are people suddenly calling Takina a jobber? That wasn't a thing before the newest episode.

Let me marry you, Takina.
You don't need Chisato.

Wrong. She started being called a jobber after Majima made a fool of her.

Chisato waifufags hate Takina. They're willing to go as far as self-inserting as Majima just to pretend Chisato is their waifu.

I want to smell and then feel Takina's hair

joker has a huge boner for chisato. she's too fun for him to let die

Why she keep making erotic faces this episode? The fuck does it mean?

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LOL, Chisato is an S Tier Waifu, but ffs why don’t you just selfinsert as Takina? It’s the healthy way to go about things.
The cutest thing we can still get from this show is a chisato & takina „I dont want to die“ sex

lol Cuckina will need to have her ass saved by Chisato again. She's the most worthless character in the show

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I wish Takina would step on me and aim a gun on my head.