Just finished it. Lots of exposition which I get is the point, and a really lame finale, but overall still entertaining because of Shou. What are you thoughts on it?

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i liked it

Yeah I liked too for the most part. It felt like a series that could've easily gone wrong if it wasn't for the way Shou was as a character. Also the whole 'one man, one kill' moto really made for some fun executions.

I liked the part where Shou killed corrupt politician #75892

She's part Shou now.
Best part

>lame finale
You what.

this manga also explained why japan never became a real superpower. Basically GDP and growth indicators were massively inflated thanks to large public projects that once they went bust, so did the economy. Corrupt politicians and companies took massive loans from public funds that were never repaid.

Liked it. Felt like the beginning was the best part and then it started kind of meandering up to the end. The way Shou were killed was bullshit, and I'm kind of sad they got done dirty like that.

The Yakuza stuff just wasn't a good way to end the series. I understand it, but it kinda lame by that point.

How did he get away with basing some of thr politicians off real people. Don't they get angry about this stuff?

freedom of expression plus massive cojones

Guy didn't care


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Based roadfag

It was my first manga I read as a teen that even brought up real political problems, so I liked it. Thinking back it now, his solution to every problem was to just 'kill them' is based but unrealistic.

Him that politician with his teacher's body and the pharmacy kill was pretty based.

Him killing*

I liked it, partly because I felt like it was risky on the part of the author. Seemed like he could get in trouble for writing it, yet write it he did.

Secondarily, it wasn't a political viewpoint you see presented very frequently. Didn't matter how right the MC was, it's just fun to get different perspectives.


it was fucking marvelous. the finale and especially the build up to it was kino after kino after kino.