You are a MC for a new isekai show

You are a MC for a new isekai show
You can choose up to 3 of them to be your party member
Who would you choose and why?

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Middle 1 and 4, top 4

Depends, which ones are Futa? How big are there cocks? How much do they cum? Are there cocks smelly?


none of them are properly armored
their weapons look fucking gimmicky as shit

none of them.

None of them. They are obviously just agents of some entity that probably already fucked all of them and wants to use them to spy on me. I reject the NTR scenario.

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It depends, which ones are pure?

I'm gonna need there stats. I play to win

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disgusting cowtits

lol judging a teammate only on her looks.
especially if it concerns my safety...

No thanks

Warrior, Healer, Aeromancer
You need a balanced team and a balanced cast of personalities

7, 9, and 11


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Against all odds, I somehow don't like any of their designs.

>Against all odds
Not really, all of them a just barely over the line for acceptable boob size, So it not surprising that none of the are good when it all for the same reason.

1 (Healer)
3 (Magician)
7 (Ranger)

And me, the Warrior self-insert.

They'd look much more attractive if their breasts were about 40% smaller at maximum size and if they had less skin showing. The outfit designs aren't good because it's a bad ratio of skin to outfit.

9, 11 & 12

>Healer doesn't have a weapon?
>Ranger needs glasses?
>Palatine not Knight or Paladin
>Craftsman has a clock on her headband, machine arms, and her belly belt?
>Swordsman is literally a big titted Nakiri Ayame
>Succubus Nun is a Lancer?
>Berserker is the most uninspired iteration of the Berserker class I've ever and will ever see
These designs are fucking dogshit but Ill pick Infighter, Magician, and Aeromancer. I dont like sneaky bitches so fuck the Rogue

they all look the same, are there any younger ones?

Magician, Craftsman, Warrior. Balanced team that with the added bonus of upgrading and crafting gear that you can either use or sell to earn cash.

Yeah, frankly they are just all fat hambeasts.

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None of them are loli, or even just average. I'll take my chances recruiting with the power of my own charisma. If forced to pick, I will select at random and drop them at the nearest glue factory at my convenience.