Yui is best girl

Yui is best girl.
You can't change my mind.

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Would rape the 3 of them

Yuru Yui? Yes please!

Post Yui hugging a pillow.

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has anyone heard from shadowpeople user

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Do you guys accept other Yuis?

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she overdosed sorry

i don't know what to do with this yui?

That's not a Yui, she's too chuuni.

>Yuru Yui
>Dummy Yui
>Lewd Yui

Yui died one night
Died in her bed.
Bottle of whisky, sleeping tablets by her head.

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Correct her.

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>the dreaded marijunaro claims another victim

Lucky Star had a pretty good Yui.

Rei Ayanami was cloned from a girl named Yui so Rei is kind of a Yui as well if you think about it.

Yui can be sexy too

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Good choice, I prefer Yui though

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Hey Yui
Your name is on my keyboard

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