Throw Away the Suit Together

Chapter 11 of the idyllic life of a peacefully married yuri couple where nothing goes wrong.

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Ah yeah my dose of impending doom

Ozuki, on Kikyo Island, in Kochi prefecture. I misread one of the kanji before when it was tiny handwriting. Still not a real town though. There is an Ozuki by the same name elsewhere, so that's why I'm going with that reading.
Also I have no clue if Oomuro Family's meant to be a reference, but Keyyan retweets a lot of Namori.

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>a peacefully married yuri couple where nothing goes wrong.
Exactly what I needed, if I were to read about the life of a yuri couple where things go wrong right now I would probably have to kill myself out of sadness, thank you for saving my life translator-san.

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My guilt won out and I'll be doing cicada and other summery SFX. This is my best impression of a cicada from spending way too much time listening to them.

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Return of the rotary phone. I like how she could call her by cell, but the rotary phone's its own character.

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Museum jobs can be really comfy sometimes. Plus you get to meet some of the featured contributors and hear some interesting stories

Is that hope I am sensing

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Hope's the first step to disappointment.

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Oh no

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You can just put the sfx text in the margins.

I've just never been comfortable with that. The page starts feeling cluttered, and when you start explaining SFX it's like explaining a joke.

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It all comes back to that huh

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Maybe she will try for an online diploma?

Hinoto please. Please.

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