Ganbare Douki-chan

Doukibros... we lost this week

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Also a bonus Senpai from earlier this week

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english version
kouhai a best

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How many times is Douki going to get cucked?

god I love her

>yomu's disgusting traced hands

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Douki is one of the only virgin female adults left.

Finally got the pinup collection. Was pleasantly surprised that it was all new drawings. I expected it to be mostly old works compiled and rereleased.
Can't scan it but I can post pictures. A handful were already promoted online, so I'll post those instead of shitty phone pics.
Quick content summary first:

Sitting on a bed looking up in her red lingerie
Undressing her office outfit
The saddest, most pathetic butt in existence
Looking back at the viewer with her butt and feet pointed at the camera
Bent over a table wearing only her underwear, pantyhose and ID (no name on it)
Laying on a bed
Looking down at you with her shirt pulled up and foot in your face (incoming cunnilingus)
Sitting on a bed in just a towel
In a bathing suit grabbing her butt
Laying on her stomach with a strappless bra
Standing wearing only a sweatshirt and blue underwear
Taking the sweatshirt off
Sitting down in her office clothes, sans skirt
That's it, Intern only gets 3 solo pics. Sorry Intern bros.
Sitting down with her crotch and foot pointed at you
Leaning against a window in an oversized sweater and what I can only describe as open-butt panties
In the shower with her tits pressed against the glass
Wearing a corset
Wearing a latex Catwoman suit
Drinking beer in her underwear in her college days

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Senpai's only charm is her boobs. Not sure why yom did an ass shot

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His stuff looks traced as hell

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God, just look at that tummy.

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I will never understand your kind of nigger. Good asses come in all sizes, it doesn't have to be a cellulitis infested dump truck to count as one.

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Her hair grew back? Nice

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On someone with a huge rack it just looks unbalanced, it doesn't need to be a huge ass just not skeletal

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I'm not gonna say she has a giant ass, but that's not even close to a Hank Hill ass, it's just normal.

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My personal favorite

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Last one

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Kill yourself.

Imagine if this artist didn’t draw 5heads


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Yeah, especially considering Japs usually barely even acknowledge the existence of asses. It's not jeans-stretching or anything, but it's hardly the usual flat as a board shit anime girls have.