Was sunrise the best animation studio of the 90s? What was their magnum opis?

Was sunrise the best animation studio of the 90s? What was their magnum opis?

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>the best animation studio of the 90s
try Madhouse.

i don't really see anything besides trigun. what would you recommend?

>best animation studio of the 90s
Make flaming hot garbage like Turn A, Wing, Victory and like 50 kids mecha shows

The one with the giant robots prob

>not watching Cardcaptor Sakura
Come on user

>50 kids mecha shows
Don't lt /m/ see this thread.

anything else?

Vampire Hinter D, Perfect Blue, memories

Ghibli has a better line up than that does.

not really

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Production I.G
Tatsunoko Production

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Gainax was better.

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>still seething uncontrollably over wing and gundam in general
This shit hole of a board never ceases to amaze me.

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>card captor sukura
Babby's first magical girl anime and it's fucking trash.

filtered, captorCHADS are laughing at you lmao

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Trigun is the only decent anime they ever produced and even that was mediocre by the standards set at the time. You madhouse cultists are ridiculous.

You mean the same one or two trannoids who keep spamming threads every day and self bumping their own image dump threads?

If you're talking about Sunrise, you need to divide it by studio cause each one does things differently.