Gets cucked

>gets cucked
>life is still beginning so it's fine :^)

Why is Japan like this?

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>the girl doesn't even know you
>AAH I'm getting cucked


Will Any Forums ever learn what the word "cucked" actually means?

>growing up is living in a gray world, having no friends, have to work off your ass to survive, and have to hear the moans of the girl you love while getting fucked by Chad

global rule 2

>it was a metaphor for growind up

That's reality.

You know that's not the whole picture of the story

Not true, my life improved considerably after getting a job.

the cruel joke is that he never knew nozomi and nobody ever did except mind reader girl

Ok so how would you like me to refer to situations like this user?
Because either way it makes him a bitch

im on my grindset woman are not a part of it retard

What do you want him to do?

At the very least, get it on with cat-girl. Make her forget about the Indian genius.

she's a rich princess girl, they could never even be seen together publicly and thats the future she chose with him.

Who said anything about being seen together?

she chose her family duties over any teen fantasy stuff. there is going to be no risk taking.

Maybe they will. After all, life has just begun.

whats the anime called

Oh sweet, virgin with an excuse.

the ending was devastatingly depressing, imagine being transported from a literal dreamland back into colorless, soulsucking society

yeah and i have more money then u and that bitch will ever have i bet if i saw u in real life i would kill u on accident in our fight

lol, nah.

People keep saying this, but the other worlds seems absolutely awful too me.
There is a reason hundreds of them have decided that the best way to pass time is to pointlessly built a tall tower for nebulous reasons for thousands of years.

im 18 got more money then u got a car and my lisence bitch think before u speak to people who are better then u and fuck off if u know whats good for you
>inb4 wagecuck
atleast im not a retard twink like u i lift weights



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everytime somebody gets a girl some other guy gets cucked
what? don't tell you're actually this averse to seeing character's misery?

its faster

everyone look at this bitch
to scared to reply just hiding like a bitch everyones laughing at u worthless bitch, kek u sound scared as shit cant reply pussy

so what's the moral of the story? that it's a good thing to forsake the inner child in order become a productive adult, a mindless cog in the machine? if so, that's a revolting message

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Sagiri is so cute, I'll take her