Yuru Camp

This level of mogging shouldn't be possible, it is too much. Aoi's Aois are too powerful for this world

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You’re right, those are some big eyebrows

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i know right just look at those things

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this is cursed but also great, if only it was real

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its a mog or be mogged world

Aoi's Aois don't fit in this show

It is kind of weird how most shows go for a fairly even distribution of different breast sizes among their female cast, but Yuru Camp decided to go with

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fat tits are disgusting.

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>2 of the possible breast sizes in anime
What is the problem? The balance may seem off, but there are others shows that do the opposite.

I love Ena's flat chest

Kirbyshiko isn't flat as fuck but she's already mogging all them except for Shimarin with her perfect athletic body and genki, full of energy, charming personality.

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is aoi a good worker?

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fatty nadeshiko probably has the biggest ass in the show

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a good choice, thanks number user


I knew this would happen so I changed sorting type in advance, ha.

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