Bark bark bark!

bark bark bark!

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miü mio

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doggo thread?

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I love this shape of the buttcheeks.

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cute feet

How is humiliating yourself like this better than just getting a job?

I love how she's bottomless and her butthole is just barely concealed

Wageslavery is humiliation

>man feet
into the trash

He gave her a ring worth so much she could live a life of extravagant luxury if she sold it, she has the jeans to live a good life and doesn’t.

Post the one where she's peeing on the floor.

she likes it

What the fuck is this?

Is this the dog thread?

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who is this girl

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Have you seen the back braking labor she was forced to do?

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Y-yeah but from which anime?

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SauceNAO gives the correct result on that webm. The anime is having production issues, but so far its good.
isekai ojisan

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Somebody give this neet money to finish her anime please.

It doesnt show up in my 4chanx for some reason, only yandex
>isekai ojisan

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ty user

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