My Wife Has No Emotion: Next Manga Awards 2022

For such a short series, it came in 6th in terms of nominations for the Next Manga Awards, and was talked about by Gigguk briefly during the live show. Thoughts anons?

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What's even left to explore in the story

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Considering that the latest arc is getting more into how different parts of society views robots, I'd say a lot. Enough to make an anime for

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Is there a chance we might see some Johnny 5 style robots, i.e. war bots, some maybe taking the country bumpkin route?

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Hey he just hosted the show with Mori Callope announcing the winners, calm down. With that out of the way, do you think an anime is possible now that it had some media attention?

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>a youtuber AND a vtumor
You just keep digging that hole deeper don't you

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all you had to do to have a decent thread was not mention "content creators". they are irrelevant to the manga you want to discuss here.
anyway, I hope not. an anime would make the threads a lot less comfy.

Dude I didn't host the show, Kadakowa set that up. Like it or not, YouTube is the new television, and I'd never even heard of these awards until that stream. You're probably still watching some badly preserved sailor moon vhs tapes with that attitude.
Look I wasn't trying to start shit, honestly I don't fully get why it did, I just mentioned a fact that happened, you can go to that stream to see it, and everyone started shit flinging. But to your point. Yes these threads would take a nose dive. However, I'd like to see a robot anime animated that isn't Gundam for once. It gives me those Short Circut vibes in all the right ways, and I think a lot of people would enjoy it and possibly buy the manga if they could watch it first

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Dude you're shitting up the board. Can we talk about fucking robot waifus yet? Like how Mina has more of a soul than half of the love interests in modern iseakis and shit???

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*ruins your day*

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Why must you remind me that the story is going hard now?

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>I'd like to see a robot anime animated that isn't Gundam for once.

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I already talk about robowaifu in the TL threads. Fuck your thinly veiled eceleb thread and kill yourself.

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Nobody cares about this boring shit, stop spamming it on the board.

And that isn't made 20 years ago. Chobits is OVER 20 man. Yes there's classics, but what's wrong with a new take with modern animation?

Bitch I mentioned him offhandedly. It was a fact that happened. And I mentioned it as such. As just something that happened in a point in time. That was all it was supposed to be. You went full retard.

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Why lie now? You got called out and doubled down. At least own it. You are such a coward, you wont even kill yourself.

Now that was an absolutely adorable scene of Jealous Mina. My soul has been restored

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Lol no. I know what I said in the OP. If you can't read the op in the one sentence I mention him where it just says he BROUGHT IT UP, you are truly both neurodivergnt and highly retarded. But to address your other point, I can watch the man and appreciate his work without agreeing on every political stance the fag has you know. Apparently you're a 5 year old that only knows red team blue team