One Piece

Why did so many of you expect her to job again?

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Carrot is shit

-ting in Yamato’s mouth

Reiju is a SLUT for men just like her brothers

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sanjibros, im thinking about getting a tattoo

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Post Cute and Canon

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Not funny.

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Let's try to hold an actual poll to know who's /opg/'s favorite character
forms gle/wBaUwN3S3d9djDXp6 (put a . inbetween the forms and the gle)
I'll do all the autistic sheeting after enough data is gathered and I'll put together a nice picture for everyone to see!

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She's a woman, Oda hates those things being anything but coombait.

Honestly, I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get more deaths after time skip, it all just feels like a breeze

>boa's last sight as a free woman

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Wait, just to see results we don’t like and claim bots are involved?

Nika is not canon.

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Fuck off.

Anyone else like Sandersonia the most?
I might have a softspot for girls with weird features but hot bodies

I can't read this

>Oda says he wants to draw goofy shit and have fun
>"So this is why Coby will capture Boa and turn her into the Celestial Dragons' slave"
Why are Cobyfags like this?

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It was funny but then it dawned on me it should really be a fish in shape

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I'm really glad we got time skip, imagine how retarded would be fight against him

How many images do you have, ZoSansister?

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It's to be expected since it's One Piece, but I agree. The stakes really needed to be raised

No Joyboy, please don't knead me like dough!

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Not enough

Luffy could maybe heat himself up to such a temp that Doffy's strings immediately melt when touching him

She's jobbed before?

As far as I'm aware in the entirety of one piece she has only fought pacifistas and effortlessly killed them in single hits.

Sandersonia my wife

Why does Oda hate Usopp?

Post THAT Nami, Vivi and Hancock pic