ITT:: Series which were singlehandedly carried by one character

ITT:: Series which were singlehandedly carried by one character

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He did his absolute best to save that shitshow of a final arc

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Odasaku in the sense that his arc blows everything else in BSD out of the fucking water in quality, Dazai in sense that fujo's are the only thing keeping this series kept afloat.

i was gonna post mary from kakegurui, but then i realised the entire supporting cast is phenomenal

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Shinra and Celty were fun though

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It was carried by him, but also ruined by that little shit.

You know by which one.
Garbage title except for one character.

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>not Accelerator

Shizuo was so boring. Your right about Durarara though. Without Izaya the story would just be a meh anime.

Baccano is way better of the Author’s stories

Choriputa a shit

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This crazy nigger and based cancerman for the first half, the doc for the second.

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I love Savers, and the other characters are still good in their own right, but Masaru is legendary.

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What series?

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Karma and Nagisa were great too

holy shit this show has some of the worst main characters ever. All 3 of them are boring as fuck and the series gets hard carried by the side characters