One Piece

Your predictions for next chapter? For the first time in a LONG while, the story isn't on railroads. There's no real way to know what'll happen next chapter.

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Reiju is a SLUT for men just like her brothers

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Based brainlet not understanding that the retcon of the Gomu Gomu fruit actually fixed it and made it fun again. Joyboy mode vs Kaido was the best fight in the series since Lucci. Luffy is back to being a cartoon character instead of just being le punch really hard with haki man.

Based retard not realising that the retcon of the Gomu Gomu into the Nika Nika was completely pointless and the cartoon world shit could've just been the Gomu Gomu's awakening. Oda destroyed and possibility of Luffy becoming a symbol of freedom because now his character will forever be living in the shadow of Nika.

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Yes, hello?

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Manga Uta is the last strong woman left

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where am i

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Coby Sabo Luffy
The three chads of the new era

Coby? Won against Hancuck.

>living in the shadow of Nika.
Like Sengoku is living in the shadow of Buddha?

Still dont believe Hancock could have lost in a fair fight, this woman was capable of turning people into stone with mere kicks

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You can only post in this thread if your character has CoC.

Fuck Jinbei.
Fuck Vivi.
Fuck Yamato.
Fuck Momo.
Fuck Kinemon.
Fuck Carrot.
Fuck Law.


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I believe this

Reminder that Sanji already won the Marimobowl.

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Marines only victory comes from Coby and Helmeppo.
Aikanu better give these two admiral positions.

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By that logic the retcon literally doesn't change anything so you are just mad for the sake of being mad at change which is literally a symptom of autism.

Vice Admiral

Post Cute and Canon

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Coby is Luffysexual.
Also Oda's character orientation in terms of power:
Asexual man > straight men> trans> women

Cobykeks are the next Sanji/Yamato/Carrotfags of these threads.

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