Dragon Ball Super

What is next for our heroes?

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>cooler wearing a gi with the Go kanji

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What the fuck is that retard babbling about?

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know thyself

>both job to cell jr
>especially WEAKJOBTRASH

He landed a hard enough punch to knock the Cell Jr. back, whereas Goku couldn't land a single hit. Tenshinhan>tired MSSJ Goku.

Finding a weakness is a good thing because it means you can improve yourself more.

If Vegeta looked like that Trunks wouldn't be the CHAD that he is.


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NOT fucking funny.

>Jobbing to words
Favorite character?

Tien needs a girl, give him one

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I'm coming.

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BITCHgeta sure likes to get spun around

>no arguments
Thought so.

I've arrived.

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Based TenCHAD.


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TARDku, of course.

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Why does the Tenbitchtard reply to himself so obviously?

Are you obtuse? How can you not understand what he means?


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What did you call me!?

>goldfish babble

Multiform technique

I think he called you a retard..

You just gonna stand there and take it?

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I what?

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Goku jobs to Meiling and her 4000 years of Chinese youkai kenpo.

Why do you have pictures of my daughter saved on your computer?

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What a winner...

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>N-no gohan p-pleaseAAAURGH *arm twisted*
>I'll r-remove them I s-swear!

You have 5 seconds.

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This is now a BEAST thread. Discuss the strongest.

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Looks canon to me, BITCH

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The GAMEFAQShinhan fag has nothing better to do with his time.

Toriyamabros?????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tien sucks

Aw geez, I'm sorry KINGhan. I-I-I was just shitposting with my fellow schizos online. BEASThan please don't murder me, please. You're the MC now CHADhan, not your deadbeat father. Hail LORDHEROSCHOLARhan.

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In my headcanon he's achived "Ultimate" 2.


Unleash the BEAST

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I just realized you can see his chin through the pan.

I too love SSJ2 Gohan episode 2, Electric Boogaloo

SHITper is so unique and different!

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In my canon he's achieved BEAST.


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>he thinks Pan is HIS daughter
Sorry, Gohan. You were too busy with your studies, she needed someone better to take care of her.

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Belgiumsisters I am not feeling so good...

Because woefully underpaid, insanely overworked, dreadfully unskilled slaves animated Super with no budget and an unreasonable schedule. Instead TOEI puts in talent and budget into their pedophile shows.

I can't believe toei trace stygian zinogre.

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That's cool dad, you can babysit her for me.

I've got way too many kids to count!
Even Piccolo can't keep up.

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Is there a greater betrayal than being cucked by your own dad? Literally the only man on Earth that wants you to get laid because it is also in his own interest that you do.

>raising another man's daughter
Why are Gokubros such happy cucks?

Based comic.

>Mr. Tien... I... I can't stop thinking about your cock inside me...

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