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Any Forums and /fa/ need a bridge thread. There's various clothing articles displayed in anime that would look terrific brought to life. Rin's Yuru-Camp beanie is a fine example of this being realized. Post other obtainable clothing you're aware of, or clothing you're looking for or want to see made.

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I would love one of the winter jackets from Shokugeki.

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This isn't even the proper one, just a cheap imitation to be sold as merchandise. The real hat is a Montbell hat, but they don't have the correct (BTSI) colors any more.

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I actually bought this one.

I still have the scarf. Haven’t got a chance to use it for the last two winters though, because of how warm the weather was

Dressing like a fictional character will only make you look stupid.

I hate that Yuru Camp brainwashed me into thinking wintery outdoor clothing is the coolest shit, but I run too warm for most of the winter around here to actually wear any of it for more than like... five minutes after leaving the house.

Hyouka and a lot of Kyoani in general is very /fa/.

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Only stupid people care about the looks.

I also bought Rin's scarf. Might start wearing it this winter

those guys dress like women

I bought Rin-chan toothpaste scarf.

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Im sad that this looks like shit irl

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Aren't those girl clothes?

I have a cheapish one I got from a girls clothes store, but a nicer one from a richfag school like toutsuki would be based.

I wonder if there's some kind of textbook that teaches you what's fashionable and what isn't. That would be very useful for autists.

It's just a black duffel coat, you should be able to find one anywhere.

Just don't buy anything that screams anime, like graphics with characters, logos/insignia, or kanji/words

but its gotta have the faux horn buttons!

Literally every duffel coat has that, it's what a duffel coat is.

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As they should if dressing like a woman means more variety and flair. Now here's all of the outfits Oreki wore throughout the show. Does anyone know how to compress images using tegaki so I don't need to do it locally every time the image is too large?

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That's not what I meant and you know it.

No I don't. Explain

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Chris-chan doesn't wear any of those things you mentioned and yet he (in his iconic striped sweater garb) screams autism from a mile away.

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tone down the lime green and you're good to go

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Kyoani is always very fashionable

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