What are they elementary school kids in isekai worlds to look like THAT?

What are they elementary school kids in isekai worlds to look like THAT?

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I think you missed a word there

*claims this thread for the battle harem chads*

Such a mighty whallop.

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>He swores for revenge after banishment scene. His grand plan for revenge is living in filth in the city and begging for food. His second step in this talented veteran soldier/adventurer revenge plan is going to the adventurers guild and asking for a job. Guildmaster (whom already publicly betrayed him during banishment scene) gives him a job and send him to hunt goblins with bunch of ex-criminals. Since we are not talented veteran adventurers like Nasser we immediately notice that Guildmaster is up to no good and we are going to get ambushed by those criminals and our death will be reported as a goblin incident. Nasser the talented notices this when criminals explains their plan to him. Have I mentioned Nasser is a veteran, talented, A rank adventurer because story keeps reminding us that. So Nasser the veteran forced to fight goblins, gets his sh*t kicked in and gets the summon upgrade, Ze Germans!.


they look worse here

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Does it work like in Heroine Survival where more magic increases maturation speed?

Wait is grade 3 actually grade 3? I thought it was Jap for high schooler

Childhood friends should always win, even if they betray

What if the MC is the one who betrays the CF?

Channer native isekai betrayal

>What if the MC is the one who betrays the CF?
basically 90% of non harem romcom

So does MC charm her too in the novel and afterstories?

>Childhood friends should always win, even if they betray
This is how the circle of childhood friend perpetuates itself already.

Neria doesn’t deserve to suffer.

In that particular isekai MC has already been shown having sex btw you have to tryout for what grade you are in. Grade 1 (11-12) is the senior class, Grade 2 (10-11) the junior, Grade 3 (9-10) the sophomore and Grade 4 (8-9) the freshman.
The two in the OP are competing to skip a grade above where their ages would place them.

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CZ would like to have a word.

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Oh noez. Somebody else possesses the Player's Handbook.

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Why the fuck would he hold hands with an old man? What is this gay ass shit

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There is literally nothing wrong with sucking a cock if its to save your cf

Is there vampire isekai other than the dhampir shota one?

They aren't wasting much time here, but there should be some more body variety.

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We arr za warudo.