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quick rundown on this character?

Shouldn't you be off doing some genocide somewhere

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>cute fluffy immortal creature
>best friends with a little robot boy
>tragic origin story has left her determined to wreak bloody revenge
Expect other replies to be spoilers (if you ahve interest in Made In Abyss, ignore, because going in blind on how Faputa came about leaves you open to some very clever narrative tricks with high payoff) or notes on her cloaca (she has a cloaca)

fine I'll literally start reading this from the very first chapter soonp0pn4

>best friends with a little robot boy

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Just watch the anime instead, manga is missing the absolutely killer soundtrack and the story doesn't flow as smoothly in many parts

It was just a rundown to offer user a chance to get interested in the character but yeah yeah she wants to fuck him too whatever


Yeah but the anime has no moth nipples

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post it.


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That's right...

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Reg is so lucky…

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>ywn have a cute moth tell you she loves you

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kiss in abyss

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Is it so wrong for me to want to be forced to dress as a girl and have a much taller and stronger woman molest me?

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I was absolutely positive that Faputa wouldn't make it through the village arc
Wonder if her and Reg will make it through