Literally the best sci-fi with the most hard science worldbuilding

>Literally the best sci-fi with the most hard science worldbuilding
>Nobody talks about it

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not very good

There are some shows out there which, while very good, don't facilitate discussion or fandom very well. Or, even beyond that, just don't facilitate that well *on Any Forums*. Planetes is one of those shows. The criteria for what makes a show talked about after it's done are debatable.

>mots favorite anime
It is known.

It was talked about all the time 20 years ago. Same with Code Geass. Same with a ton of other popular anime. Do you want me to copypaste whatever shit I said the last time some dumbass showed up to the party late?

it's old

kill yourself

>anime plot is build around dumb space terrorists
manga is better

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>It was talked about all the time 20 years ago. Same with Code Geass
Both by Goro Taniguchi aren't they? was alright.
Best sci-fi? Nah.
LotGH is easily better.

Are you fucking stupid?
Go read chapter 21, Nothing even comes close to it

what do you want, that a short manga and an anime, which both ended over 18 years ago has a constant thread on Any Forums, or gets brought up for discussion in every thread where it's even remotely applicable, just because it happens to be good and kind of fondly remembered?
It's fine to talk about old series, but titles like these have been talked to death several times over. Do you realise why Any Forums talks mostly about "seasonal" anime and whatever is currently airing or publishing? Because that shit hasn't been talked to death several times over yet. lurk more, planetes is remembered well and is on like every newfag recommendation chart which float around the internet

No, it's not. It's just convoluted sol shit spiced up with forced drama.

LoGH isn't really Sci-Fi, its just set in space.
Even for something like Star Trek, it depends episode to episode if its doing Sci-Fi or just being fantasy in space

>don't facilitate discussion or fandom very well
What does a show need to have a big fandom with more discussion?

It's just old. Many people here like it, I think it was even Moot's favourite anime.

Anyone who isn't a newfag has already talked about it

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people dont like hard Sci-fi cause its boring.

Though the Expanse is good. Reminds me of Starship Operators. Another hard sci-fi anime.

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Sci-fi's for nerds