Dragon Ball Super

>demon bull
>demon king
>akuma (satan)
Is Toriyama satanic?

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This shit is why we need angels.

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He's setting up EGP vs Gohan DEMON BEAST

She looks like she needs help getting dressed in the morning.

I don't know about all that but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.

Why is he so wise?

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He never said that


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>All loses to Son Goku
The Handsome Monkey King

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Trunks is going to kill frieza negro.

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Then get corrupted and become Africanized himself

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Goku Black changed him...

I'm sure he'll somehow end up losing to Frieza just so they can put they cherry on the fuck over Vegeta sundae.

Dicasty fucks THIS?!?

What's he looking at?

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All thanks to meditation.

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What if Bejita's dick was BETRAYED and TRAPPED in a chastity cage while the Z fighters gang bang Bulma?

Cuckold kino

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Why do diehard SSJ4 fanboys think the form can defeat literally anything? I wouldn’t be surprised if they started saying it'll totally defeat the Angels or even Zeno himself.

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An average tuesday evening then?

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Xeno Goku headcanon feats somehow being stronger than Zeno feats