Which is superior?

A slut who is amazing in bed or a clueless virgin?

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You ask this like you have a shot of ever experiencing either one.

A virgin that you turn into your personal slut

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Have we gotten to the chapter were Freya mindbreaks that little girl by sleeping with her?

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the prostitute who never had sex

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You can always teach someone who isn't good at sex how to be so, but you can't restore innocence to someone who's lost it.

>You can always teach someone who isn't good at sex how to be so
That's assuming you have experience, bitch.

>Get turned down in disguise form and as a goddess

Eat shit bitch.

Disguise form?

Leave fool, before you get spoiled

Innocence isn't valuable

I was being nice by hinting at it, you don't want to know yet.

A slut who is clueless in bed

>t. roastie

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Sluts, always. Purityfags are cringe

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Sex is pretty intuitive if you're just
>mutually attracted to each other
>emotionally open and capable of communicating
>aren't embarrassed about your body
>have enough self-confidence that you don't feel like an impostor when you're getting into it
>can laugh at yourself enough to not be mortified when you do do something that makes you look stupid
Which sounds like an elaborate laundry list but is really just "when two nice people who like each other and themselves have sex"

A (pure) slut who pretended to be experienced but initially is shy and seems clueless but after her flip is switched is amazing in bed because of all the time she spent researching sex and masturbating.

I've had plenty of sex and don't regret it but I'm not going to pretend that virginity isn't an endearing trait. Who doesn't want someone that has eyes only for them? And the trust demonstrated in allowing you to be the first person who has sex with them is extremely flattering

MC has a oneitis
Even Hestia would get rejected

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