One Piece

You did pay to watch film RED, right, user?

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I believe in Carrot

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Zoro? Made for Sanji's cock

LuNa? Canon

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Why would I watch that shit when I've already been spoiled that Uta dies at the end?

Is Reiju just as much of slut with men as her brothers?

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I haven't watched, and I won't. I'm not interested in the anime, and even less when it's non-canon.

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cUta is not for lewd posting

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>Zoro attains Robin's used tampon

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people only die when they're forgotten sweaty
Uta is alive and well

Oda didn’t write Strong World tho

just one sniff please

Imagine Reiju seducing Sanji, knowing that he's too much of a horndog to say no even when it's his own sister, and her just absolutely milking every drop of his cum inside her

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>Jinbe just chillin

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Post Cute and Canon

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>one retcon piss

>Shankusu, I'm sorry, I'll have to go all out...just this once
>Oh...what's dragonmonkeygod blood....i-it's boiling

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HACKDA WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Furfags think Carrot is worth 200M based on strength, they reached a whole new low

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He should “chill” out on all the calories.
Fat fuck

Monkey D. Ulti

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Belongs to BB's C

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Carrot is worth at least 1 billion berries.

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you know, I think queen was a liar, it was all just fat and no muscle

They’re married!

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200m seems like a reasonable potential bounty for her

Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In My Lane. Focused. Flourishing.

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Carrot is worth 3 billion kisses

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if kishimoto had done retconning on the level oda is doing right now, you would never hear the end of people shiting on him while Oda gets a pass. why?

Try 200B fag

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Does anyone have that picture of Perona where she fucked up and hit herself with her own ghost?

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she could try

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they'd do anything for each other

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The warlords are stronger than the Yonko, all of them.

No its fucking not, Luffy got 100M after taking down a fucking Shichibukai, and Carrot would be one shotted by Alabasta Crocodile, she is worth 30M AT BEST

The king of Zou is worth atleast 1 billion.

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Tama will show up in Elbaf because:
>Tama has ties with Big Mom, even more than with Wano characters
>After Luffy gives his hat back to Shank he will get a new one made by Tama
>Tama is still missing a bird.
>The egg roger had on his ship hatched and is now on elbaf.
>In Norse mythology there is a giant bird on igdrasyl. The bird is said to fight a snake.
>Throwback first giants we met called the redline a snake.
Tama will befriend the bird and become uranus

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Watching the last episode, it really felt the author wrote himself into a corner with Usopp and Nami. Are they going to have others do their homework for them all the time now?

Cool fanfic

Perona is a whore cucking Zoro with Mihawk

tamaschizobro, I...

Nami has a 366M bounty, carrot can easily get 200M as a Strawhat.

She's stronger than Usopp, Nami and Chopper, easily. I'd place her among the mid-tier Strawhats, if she joined. And seeing her feats of strength it's not really up to debate.

I hope Tama shows up to my bedroom, undressed.

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One of Ulti's past speech quirks was '-Doragon', which Oda commented was "the worst one".
This is either referring to Kaido's or her own devil fruit, or more likely given Oda's commentary, Monkey D. Dragon the revolutionary. Which would mean Ulti went through a grungy rebellious anarchy phase.

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These cute dorks

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where the fuck are the leaks?

When did One Piece stop being the work of a single man with a vision and turn into a corporate business?

>Tama will befriend the bird and become uranus
Fucking Don Krieg has more chance of coming back than Tama

in your roof

Elbaf soon

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>Be Kishi
>Retcons stuff on the fly and introduces aliens out of nowhere

>Be Goda
>Destroys your headcanon

check your underwear bud


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>he didn't actually cut the tonfa

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first of all, how dare you

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I don't want to watch it at all.

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There's some poop on my underwear

We all miss Yamato…