Have you finished your backlog?

Have you finished your backlog?

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It keeps getting bigger every year.

it's not a backlog if you finish it

Yes. There is not a single anime that I want to see and haven't yet. I'm sure there's at least one good show I haven't even heard of but when you've been in the game for 20 years you eventually run out of stuff. All reruns for me.

No, but I do watch Joshiraku twice a year

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You aren't ever actually supposed to finish a backlog

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[Super Mario RPG theme plays in the distance]


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Yes since im not really interested in a lot of stuff

>massive anime backlog
>massive movie/tv backlog
>massive vidya/vn backlog
>no time

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Deleted everthing
You forget about it in a few days anyways

I actually didn't have a backlog until this year.

>watching a lot of Spring 2022 shows
>go on a trip to Europe
>come back home
>lot of unfinished Spring 2022 shows
>also a massive backlog of dozens of manga
>bunch of new Summer 2022 shows have started
>start with the manga, thinking it'll be faster
>it's not faster
>more new chapters keep popping up
>finally start on Spring 2022 backlog
>it's taking a while
>continue downloading Summer 2022 episodes
>Summer 2022 is almost over
>Spring 2022 backlog is almost complete
>might start on Summer 2022 soon
>will probably amass an Autumn 2022 backlog while I'm watching Summer 2022
>will probably be one season behind everyone
>forgot that I have a separate BD/DVD backlog for older shows

>haven't played video games in 3 years
>a lot of the games I've purchased have gone up in value
I guess one way to clear the backlog is to sell them.

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I haven't an anime in years

Actually, yes. Got through 300 anime and 500 manga (or deleted them after giving them a fair chance) this year. Feels good.

And I don't plan on picking up any more series, I have surveyed various decades, genres, demographics and styles and authors and no longer feel the need to indulge in the medium. I may pick up one or two masterpieces a year if they come find me, but otherwise I am largely "done" with the medium. I will continue to read some stuff for fun if I feel like it, but I no longer feel a burden or dedication to do anything. It is returning, fully, to a hobby.

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>first a joke
>what do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord
>... my ass

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I genuinely enjoy looking for new anime to watch more than I do when it comes time to actually watch them

A week ago, I started watching fucking Dragon Ball from start to finish. It wasn't even on my backlog, I just wanted to watch something from my childhood in its entirety.
So I won't be watching anything else for at least half a year....

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>mfw I'll never finish it in my lifetime

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I don't have a backlog.

You know what? This isn't a bad idea. I've always considered myself a lifelong Dragon Ball fan, but I have never actually finished DB or DBZ. If I really was a fan, I should actually watch the whole thing, from start to finish.

Now the real question is, do I watch Z or Kai? Do I bother finishing GT?
Rather disappointing that the only Dragon Ball I actually watched from start to finish is DBS.

My what?