Kakegurui Thread

The fuck was her problem? Was it autism?

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need gambling correction

Why was season 2 so underwhelming compared to S1?

lack of good husband who beat the shit out of her and cure her autism with good dicking every night

The auction is one of the best gambles of the entire series.

Almost everybody in this show is smarter than me, I love it

The problem was that the whole series was even shittier and had more asspulls than Akagi. Only thing that slightly improves it is her tits

Nah, everything is logical, actually. The gambles are fantastic.

The only good thing about the series was the Yuri and ecchi.

People losing at games in Kakegurui has more emotional impact than entire character deaths in most anime these days; it's incredible how good this thing is.

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I definitely disagree. Characters are fun, and the story, maybe not the best but it had interesting segments.

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This show has the greatest cast in all of anime.

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I could watch bitches get blown the fuck out by Yumeko all day.


I wish Life and Death with Yuriko was on Youtube. This shit is ENTERTAINMENT!

Similarly, I could watch MAry persevere through her pride and smugness all day.


This is incredible!

wouold she gamble with her eggs?

What gambles? There's no stakes at all, go read Usogui instead.

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The stakes are what happens to the characters AFTER the gambles. This is the main way it differes from Usogui: in that manga, the most interesting cahracters are the Kakerou judges, not the people who actually take part in the gambles. Yeah, Usogui gambles have more plot twists per page than anything else in the let's-call-it-a-genre but I never spent a year thinking about the Usogui characters the way I have about the characters in Kakegurui.

I had a lot of fun watching, it's all wild and the hot girls are a plus.